Goucher College 2012-2013 Undergraduate Catalogue 
    Oct 03, 2022  
Goucher College 2012-2013 Undergraduate Catalogue PLEASE NOTE: This is an archived catalog. Programs are subject to change each academic year.

Music Major

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The music major is organized into seven concentrations, all of which provide a solid foundation in music history, theory, and practical musicianship, and which require a degree of specialization at the upper level in various areas of the field. Current concentrations in the major field include theory and composition, music history, performance, arts administration, computer music, jazz studies, and music and theatre. Students who wish to explore in depth areas that are not among the established concentrations are encouraged to investigate combining the music major with others in the college curriculum. (See Music in the Individualized Major.) Ordinarily, students may concentrate in only one area. Exceptions may be made upon petition to the department. Courses in the department in which writing proficiency in the major may be earned are MUS 260 and 349. Music majors may not audit applied music courses.

Concentration in Theory and Composition

For students who may wish to compose and are interested primarily in the materials and organization of music.


  • Applied Piano, if keyboard skills need improvement


* Fulfills the writing proficiency requirement in the major.

Concentration in Music History

For students interested in the evolution of music in Western society and the ways musical traditions have developed.

Concentration in Performance - Audition required

For students whose talents and interests lie primarily in performing and who may be considering careers in teaching private instrumental or voice lessons, or for students who may be preparing for graduate study in performance at the conservatory or university level. Declaration of this concentration will require an audition before the department chair, the primary teacher and other faculty the department deems appropriate; contact the chair for further information. This audition is available for matriculated students who wish to declare the Performance concentration only; it is not part of the college’s admissions process.


Concentration in Arts Administration

For students who wish to develop a career that includes both the business management area of music and the art of music. Arts administration is a rapidly expanding field, and Goucher is in the forefront in developing an undergraduate concentration in this area. Students wishing to pursue the Arts Administration concentration should refer to the Business Management Department  for more details.

Requirements include:

  • Six credits of private instrumental or voice lessons
  • Two semesters of ensemble participation, which include one semester of chorus and one semester chosen from the following ensembles: chorus, chamber singers, chamber music, African drum and dance ensemble, opera workshop, baroque ensemble, jazz ensemble, or symphony. With the permission of the instructor, students may choose either to enroll for credit or audit.


* MUS 290  is a three-four credit internship in music as an integrative exercise in arts administration. With the approval of the department and the adviser in arts administration, the required college wide off-campus experience may be used to satisfy this requirement.

Concentration in Computer Music

For students who wish to explore careers that combine computer technology and the traditional musical arts.


Students pursuing the computer music concentration must work in the computer music studio each semester for credit or audit through reenrollment in MUS 313 . Without approval of the department, students may not take more than nine credit hours of MUS 313 .

Concentration in Jazz Studies

For students interested in the uniquely American musical idiom that arose from the African experience in the New World.

Concentration in Music and Theatre

For students who are interested in both music and theatre and whose academic and performing talents are best realized in the areas of musical theatre and opera

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