Goucher College 2012-2013 Undergraduate Catalogue 
    Oct 03, 2022  
Goucher College 2012-2013 Undergraduate Catalogue PLEASE NOTE: This is an archived catalog. Programs are subject to change each academic year.

Mathematics and Computer Science Department

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The Mathematics and Computer Science Department offers majors and minors in both mathematics and computer science. The major in mathematics includes an option for a concentration in secondary education certification in mathematics. Mathematics is the foundation of the physical sciences and a tool of virtually all disciplines. The Mathematics and Computer Science Department endeavors to develop in students not only a solid foundation in analytic thinking, but also an appreciation of the nature of mathematics itself. The discipline of computer science becomes evermore fascinating as computing grows in significance in our daily lives. Mastery of fundamental computing principles is essential as we step into the increasingly virtual future. Courses in this department strive to give students proficiency in mathematics and computer science, as well as to foster a spirit of creativity, enterprise, and ethical responsibility. In the liberal arts and sciences tradition, the department emphasizes breadth of knowledge and flexibility. Majors in the department may prepare for graduate work in mathematics or computer science or for careers in secondary school mathematics education, business, industry, or government. A mathematics major is also an excellent preparation for a career in law, medicine, or engineering.

Students may pursue personal academic interests in various ways such as research with a faculty member, a senior thesis, and/or independent study. Recent projects have included mathematical modeling of pediatric digestion, measure theory, topology, advanced differential equations, applied functional analysis, robotics, and networking a soda machine. Projects may be interdisciplinary. Internships are encouraged for all as an opportunity to sample careers in mathematics and computer science. Students have worked as interns in government, business, healthcare, and education both in Baltimore and in other parts of the country.

The department has access to excellent computing facilities, linked by a campus-wide network. Extensive software use is integrated into both the computer science and mathematics curricula.

Department Faculty


Robert Lewand (cryptology, abstract algebra), Mark McKibben (analysis, stochastic differential equations), Jill Zimmerman (robotics, programming languages)

Associate Professors

Thomas Kelliher (computer architecture, computing systems), Bernadette Tutinas (abstract algebra, discrete dynamical systems)

Assistant Professor

Justin Brody (model theory, mathematical logic), Gretchen Koch-Noble (mathematical modeling, biomathematics), Micah Webster (analysis, differential equations)

Placement Procedure

All incoming students are required to complete a placement exam to determine initial placement in a mathematics or computer science course. Students who have previously studied calculus are invited to take a second exam to exempt from MA 170 , MA 171 , or MA 180 . Students with AP credit in mathematics or computer science are also eligible to exempt introductory courses. Students who intend to major in mathematics should complete MA 180  in the first year. Computer science majors should complete CS 119  in their first year.

Policy on Non-Goucher Courses

A student majoring in mathematics or computer science who has either withdrawn from or does not receive a C or better in required courses in the major will not ordinarily be permitted to fulfill the requirement with a course outside of the department. Any student requesting an adjustment to the policy must submit a petition through the department chair.

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