Goucher College 2012-2013 Undergraduate Catalogue 
    Jul 22, 2024  
Goucher College 2012-2013 Undergraduate Catalogue PLEASE NOTE: This is an archived catalog. Programs are subject to change each academic year.

PHL 260 - Ancient Greek Philosophy (3 Cr.)

(GEN. ED. #4)
The birth of western thinking about the cosmos, the community, and the practice of shared inquiry into the world around us and ourselves. The ancient Greeks have long been interpreted as the origin of rational, scientific and abstract thinking. Indeed, we find the origins in the scientific method, mathematics, logic, biology, political science, literary criticism - in fact, every science - in the thinking of the pre-Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle. But these philosophers also underwent a change in their relationship to the world with ways of thinking and questioning that were different from the views of the community around them. These thinkers are the first to pose questions about the meaning of being.
  Prerequisite: one course in philosophy or permission of the instructor. Fall semester. Offered 2009-10 and alternate years. Rose.