Goucher College 2024-2025 Undergraduate Catalogue 
    Jul 18, 2024  
Goucher College 2024-2025 Undergraduate Catalogue

Student Affairs

The Division of Student Affairs is dedicated to fostering student success in a welcoming, supportive, and inclusive learning environment. Student Affairs staff are educators and resources for our students but also collaborators with families and student support systems in supporting student success. We emphasize the developmental opportunities within the student experience to intentionally develop lifelong learners, engaged citizens, and social change agents.

We support the academic, social, and personal evolution of our students with a focus on developing a sense of belonging and mattering amongst our campus community through engagement and exploration. It is imperative to the Goucher College experience for students to engage in the variety of programs, organizations, and resources available. Students have multiple platforms to advocate for changes on campus, start a new club, or plan an event!

Students own their experience!

Our students matter and we CARE!

  • Communicate & Collaborate

  • Accessible & Accountable

  • Relate & Resolve

  • Engage & Educate


The Office of Residential Life oversees all aspects of life in the residence halls. Our goal is to educate residents through experiential learning, and we encourage productive, successful community members by providing appropriate challenges, guidance, and support. We celebrate differences, balance, and personal dignity.

To accomplish our mission, we:

  • Support the academic mission of the institution

  • Provide efficient and thorough attention to student needs

  • Maintain safe, clean facilities

  • Increase awareness of individual rights and responsibilities to foster appreciation and respect for others and for oneself

  • Establish a supportive and challenging framework of expectations for students and staff

  • Create educational and social opportunities, as well as programming, shared living experiences, and living-learning communities so our students become attached, invested individuals.

The Office of Residential Life is made up of a collection of caring professionals and student staff members that all work to provide a positive and productive experience for all Goucher students.

Residential Life at Goucher partners with a number of different staff and faculty to create a meaningful residential experience aimed at assisting our students on their journey of emerging adulthood. As a member of the Division of Student Affairs we ascribe to the belief that learning happens everywhere and is not simply limited to the classroom.


As a residential liberal arts college, Goucher recognizes that learning takes place outside of the classroom too. In 2016 we completed the first building of our First-Year Village, Pagliaro Selz Hall, and in 2018 we added two more state-of-the-art residence halls, Fireside and Trustees. We strive to match your living situation with your learning goals, including the option of special interest housing like the Language House, where residents share a focus on foreign languages. 

On-campus apartments are available in some of the residence halls, and accessible rooms are available for students who need them.

Each house is assigned a resident assistant (RA)-a student who lives in the house, functions as a peer adviser, and is the initial contact person to assist students with problems and concerns. They can help students find appropriate professional resources on and off campus. 

Please note that all residence halls are smoke-free.


In special-interest houses, students create distinct learning communities and live with a unified vision. They come together to share interests and passions, learn from and support one another, and educate the larger campus community. There are four Special Interest Houses accepting new and returning applicants. These houses include the Language House, the Gaming House,  the Robinson-Barland house, and the Healthy Living House.

Every year, students are invited to submit proposals for new special interest houses. The Office of Residential Life also hosts a series of workshops during the Fall semester to assist students with putting their ideas for new special interest houses into action.


The language house is a living and learning community that provides students with the opportunity to foster their learning of foreign languages and culture. Speaking a foreign language and attending different foreign language and cultural events is the central focus of programming within Language House. Students who choose to live in this house agree to practice speaking a foreign language in the house. All residents of the House must commit to improving their foreign language and cultural skills. Residents who reside in the Language House are required to attend 8 language tables per semester organized by the language coordinators. 


The Healthy Living House is a living community that provides students with an opportunity to choose a substance-free lifestyle and to live together in a supportive environment focusing on wellness. Students who choose to live in this house agree to live a substance-free lifestyle. The use and possession of tobacco, alcohol and other drugs by all resident students and their guests is not permitted at any time in the house. 

A substance-free environment is defined as one where the following is prohibited. Students agree to refrain from the use of these substances in their personal lives in, and out of the residence halls: 

  • All use of cigarettes, cigars or burning tobacco in any form (this includes e-cigarettes), which is already prohibited by Goucher policy

  • Use and possession of alcohol, regardless of age

  • All drugs, which are already prohibited by state and/or Goucher College policy (i.e., use of marijuana, misuse and/or abuse of prescription drugs, etc.)

These requirements apply to all common areas, as well as private rooms and include use by residents and guests. All residents of the Healthy Living House must be non-smokers. This means that those individuals never smoke. Students who smoke occasionally or only outside are considered smokers and may not reside in substance-free housing.


The Gaming House seeks to provide a central hub for campus gamers for gaming activities, as well as an accepting and friendly atmosphere. The house’s mission is to make gaming a more social activity on the Goucher campus, as well as to educate/involve the general campus population in gaming events. Gaming activities include, but are by no means limited to the following:

  • Console Gaming

  • PC Gaming

  • Handheld gaming

  • Trading card gaming

  • Tabletop gaming


The purpose and mission is to nurture personal growth, interpersonal understanding, and mutual trust as the foundation for the black community on Goucher’s campus. The culture of the house will be a culture of celebration of black culture both locally and throughout the diaspora. This is a house for people who want to be engaged and cultivate community. We value social justice, cooperation, leadership, inclusivity, and respect.


The Art & Media House is a community for those seeking to share their interest and passion of audio, video, and live-action media with other members of the Goucher community. Through informal social gatherings, regular community events, and continuing annual traditions, the house fosters an inclusive community where individuals can engage with other students with similar interests to enhance their campus experience and build life-long experiences.


With selections that range from authentic international cuisine to burgers hot off the grill, students have variety and quality at their fingertips. Students will not be hungry. Even students with specific dietary needs can enjoy international cuisines, along with vegetarian, vegan, and kosher options.

The food service provider on Goucher’s campus is Bon Appétit Management Company. It is an on-site custom restaurant company that provides café and catering service to corporations, colleges and universities, and specialty venues for almost 200 clients in 25 states.

Founded as a catering company in 1987, the hallmark of Bon Appétit’s expertise is serving fresh food, prepared from scratch, using authentic ingredients. Menu items are prepared by experienced chefs, in small batches, to ensure freshness and great taste.

Bon Appétit shows its commitment to social responsibility by supporting local producers and sustainable food suppliers.

The company believes food service is an integral part of the college experience. Dining areas are gathering places. Breaking bread together helps create a sense of community and comfort.

In addition to providing great tasting food, Bon Appétit offers meal plans that are flexible, versatile, and able to satisfy all the dietary needs of the Goucher campus community.

Visit the Bon Appétit website for dining options, hours, and menus.


The Center for Race, Equity, and Identity (CREI) transforms lives through community building, education, engagement, and the exploration of identities. We strive to improve the institutional advancement of all marginalized students, specifically students of color, LGBTQIA+ students, and disabled students/students with disabilities.


We envision a Goucher community that is mindful of our community principles and embodies our social justice mission, a community that recognizes people from various backgrounds interact and experience systems and structures differently and how that shapes the lived experience. We aspire to a community that understands and values different lived experiences. We hope to inspire a Goucher community to readily seek and accept opportunities using their skills, talents, and intellect to create a more just and liberatory Goucher College and global society.


  • Holistic learning

  • Liberatory praxis

  • Community

  • Shared knowledge


*CREI acknowledges that folks within the community relate and identify with identity-first language (disabled) and/or person-first language (people with disabilities). As the center expands our language and resources, we will continue to review our terminology to best accurately represent and affirm the communities that we serve. 


Advocacy, advising, and mentorship for students and student organizations

Programming centered on community-building and identity exploration

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI)  educational workshops for students, faculty, and staff

Partnerships with students and community partners to support Goucher’s social justice mission

Accessible resources such as the Gender Affirming Closet; safe(r) sex materials; and leading library. 

The Medical Transportation Program - hosted by the Center for Race, Equity, and Identity - provides free transportation to medical appointments, including gender-affirming care appointments. Please visit the Medical Assistance & Transport page for more information.


We are open 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday, in ATH 125. Come relax, study, nap, cook food, or talk to one of our interns or staff members. Email us (crei@goucher.edu) or follow us on Facebook and Instagram.


If an individual is an immediate threat to self or others, it should be considered an emergency and directed to the Office of Campus Safety at 410-425-6111 or 911.


Student Support & Outreach (SS+O) is a unit within the Office of the Associate Vice President for Student Well-Being and Dean of Students that advocates and supports students experiencing challenges in their personal and academic lives. Most students experience times during their college careers when they may need some additional support. SS+O team helps students connect with college and community resources, navigate college administrative processes, and develop resiliency, self-advocacy, and coping skills. SS+O also educates faculty and staff on working with students of concern, including making appropriate referrals.

Please note that we are NOT counselors and that in some situations, it may be appropriate to refer the student directly to the Student Counseling Center.

If this is not an emergency and you would like to refer a student for assistance, please submit a Wellness Alert.


Students facing any sort of challenge or crisis may benefit from our assistance. Examples include, but are not limited to:

  • College adjustment

  • Death of a friend or family member

  • Family emergency

  • Financial insecurity

  • Food insecurity

  • Hospitalization

  • Housing insecurity or other issues

  • Mental health concerns

  • On and off-campus resources

  • Physical illness/injury


Types of assistance include, but are not limited to:

  • Academic absence notifications

  • Coordination of services between Goucher departments and off-campus services

  • Emergency food assistance

  • Emergency financial assistance

  • Emergency housing assistance

  • General consultation for students, faculty, staff, and families/friends

  • On-campus and off-campus resource referrals

If you are a student experiencing unplanned expenses, The Janet Cane Fisher ‘38 Fund may be an option for assistance.

If you are looking for assistance with transportation to medical appointments, please visit the Medical Assistance & Transport page. 


At Goucher College, we believe that wellness should be a way of life and has a direct impact on your optimal health and happiness. 

Good health means having a balance of emotional, environmental, financial, intellectual, physical, social, and spiritual well-being. It’s easier to do your best when you’re feeling your best. To that end, Goucher has a host of services to support student health and wellness-from counseling and health services (medical and emergency care is provided throughout the academic year) to a full range of wellness resources, sports and exercise facilities.


The Student Counseling Center is open Monday through Friday from 9am-5pm. For students interested in requesting an appointment, please complete the appointment request form or call our appointment line at 410-337-6481. Please note that the center’s staff will be working remotely on Fridays throughout the January Term and the physical office will not be open.

To schedule an urgent appointment, call the Counseling Center’s main line at 410-337-6481. Students will be assessed during this initial conversation. The student can expect an appointment within 3-5 business hours or the following business day.

Any students in need of immediate mental health support by a licensed mental health clinician by phone can call our mental health line 24/7 at 855-236-4278.

In the event of a medical emergency please contact Campus Safety at  410-337-6111 or dial 911.


The Goucher Student Health Center is an outpatient primary health care facility that provides comprehensive medical care for acute and stable chronic illnesses, preventative medical care, and health education services. The Student Health Center is not an urgent care center.

The center is located on the first floor of the main lobby of the Heubeck building.

Appointments are strongly preferred but walk-in appointments can be accommodated in most cases.  Please use the contact information below to make an appointment.

Hours of Operation: 9 a.m. - 5 p.m, Monday-Friday when classes are in session (Fall & Spring Semesters)

Contact: nurse@goucher.edu or 410-337-6050 *Please note, the front desk is not staffed with a receptionist, so please leave a message and a member of the clinical staff will call you back as soon as possible.


Located within Trustees Hall in the First-Year Village, the Wellness Center is a space where students take advantage of the calming environment and programming aimed at stress management. 


If you are looking for assistance with transportation to medical appointments, please visit the Medical Assistance & Transport page. 


 Originally built in 1991 as an addition to Lillian Welsh Hall the Decker Sports and Recreation Center houses the Athletic Department offices, two gymnasiums, a cardio fitness center, weight room, Von Borries Aquatic Center, the Todd Dance Studio, racquetball court, squash court, athletic training facilities and varsity locker rooms.

The Sports and Recreation Center is open to all students, staff, and faculty members. All persons in the Sports and Recreation Center and Aquatic Center must supply Goucher I.D. or pool pass upon entering the facilities.

Goucher College students, faculty, and staff will be permitted two guests per I.D. card or pool pass in the Sports and Recreation Center and Aquatic Center. The sponsor must accompany the guest at all times. The guest fee for the SRC is $10.00 per person, per visit and $10.00 per person, per visit to the Aquatic Center. Pool passes may be purchased from the Aquatic Staff.


The Office of Religious & Spiritual Life seeks to support the students, faculty, and staff at Goucher College in living a whole-hearted and connected life. Our Chaplain, along with the Religious Advisor to the College, are available to members of our community to offer spiritual counseling, support with religious accommodations, services for major holidays, and opportunities for deep conversation and connection.


We believe college is a time to grow intellectually, emotionally, and morally. We value opportunities for moral and ethical discussions that go beyond the classroom and engage a diversity of cultural backgrounds and beliefs. Check out our Events page to learn more about opportunities for engagement as a Goucher Student.


Our Chapel is located at the heart of the campus along Van Meter highway and is open to all members of our community regardless of religious affiliation. The Sacred Space inside the Chapel is an intentionally Interfaith environment where services for Jews, Muslims and Christians are held throughout the week and year. Any person wishing to find a quiet place to meditate, reflect or pray is welcome. Learn more about Sacred Spaces at Goucher.


Every member of our community is free to practice their religious tradition or spiritual path without fear of discrimination or threat of violence. Find more information on the Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Justice page. Goucher faculty, coaches, and staff are encouraged to provide reasonable support for food, housing, meals, and attendance in order for a student to practice their religion. Should you need such support, please fill out the Religious Observance Request Form or contact Rev. Maeba for more information.


Goucher College is proud to be one of the top 20 schools by population for Jewish students. We strongly support our students from all branches of Judaism to practice their faith and explore their Jewish identity while they are students at Goucher. Our dining hall boast a wonderful Kosher Section that is open to all students. We seek to respect religious observances and host a Shabbat meal and service every Friday. We also hold High Holiday services in our Chapel during the year with support from Rabbi Josh Snyder, Director of Goucher Hillel.


Goucher partners with Hillel International along with Rabbi Josh Snyder, along with the rest of the Hillel team. Find more information on the Goucher Hillel website.


Goucher seeks to be a campus supportive of all Jewish students. To that end, we also partner with Towson University to bring a Chabad Rabbi Mendy Rivkin to our campus to support our Orthodox Jewish students.

Rabbi Alex Colon and Chana Colon are also Chabad partners who serve the Goucher community. 

Find more information on the Chabad of Towson and Goucher website


Goucher College has a small but vibrant Muslim Student Association (MSA). The MSA meets regularly and offers weekly Jummah Prayer on Friday afternoons in the Sacred Space (Upper-Level of the Chapel). Prayer rugs and Prayer books are provided. Important holidays and Eid celebrations are supported by the Chaplain’s Office as well as extra support and accommodations from the dining hall during the holy month of Ramadan. Students requiring specific needs around their particular branch of Islam should reach out to Rev. Maeba Jonas for support.

Local Places of Worship

Islamic Society of Northern Baltimore


Christianity is widely practiced amongst Goucher students and there are opportunities for worship, fellowship and connection both on campus and close by. Our college Chaplain, Rev. Maeba Jonas, is an ordained Christian Minister in the United Church of Christ (UCC) and is always more than happy to speak with students about their Christian faith.

In addition, we are partnered with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship and have a part-time campus minister who meets with students weekly for Bible Study and special events.

Campus Minister

Natalie Guajardo
Goucher Christian Fellowship

Local Places of Worship

Roman Catholic

Protestant Christian
Orthodox Christian
 Additional Resource:

Towson Unitarian Universalist Church (UUA)


Goucher is also home to students from a variety of APIDA identifies (Asian, Pacific Islander, Desi Americans) and as such we have a number of students who identify either religiously, or culturally, as Hindu, Sikh, Jain, Buddhist or another similar tradition. Religious & Spiritual Life works closely with the Office of Global Education and the Center for Race, Equity and Inclusion to offer events around culturally significant holidays such as Diwali, Holi, Bodhi Day, Lunar New Year and other significant occasions. Please visit the Office of Student Engagement to find out how you can connect with identity-based student groups on campus.

Rev. Maeba has a background in Buddhism and Hinduism and has lived and studied in both India and Nepal. She is always excited to speak to students and support their religious and cultural development. Please reach out to Rev. Maeba Jonas via email, chaplain@goucher.edu.or click here to book a time my calendar.

Local Places of Worship



The Spiritual but not Religious (SBNR) identity is a growing community on all college campuses, and Goucher is no exception. That is why Religious & Spiritual Life has always worked to support both the religious student AND the spiritual ones. More and more students are coming to college with big questions and few places to turn to for answers without a religious identity.

If you are in the process of deconstructing your faith, or questioning the beliefs you were taught, then you have come to the right place. Please reach out to Rev. Maeba Jonas, or click here to book a time my calendar.

Follow our Events page for opportunities to connect with like-minded seekers.

Starting Mindfullness & Meditation

Rev. Maeba teaches a 4-part series to support students interested in learning about meditation and mindfulness. Follow the Events page for more information.


God. Welcomes. All!

We understand that many of our students who identity of as part of the LGBTQIA+ Community may have come from environments where their sexual orientation or gender identity or expression were not welcome or may have been the cause of harm.

At Goucher, we strive to offer an open and affirming space that allows you to freely explore your faith or spiritual journey without compromising who you are.

Please see our Events page for opportunities to connect with other like-minded spiritual students through our W(H)oly Queer Gatherings.

Note: If you feel you have been discriminated against by one of our religiously affiliated advisors or student groups, please contact the Rev. Maeba Jonas immediately, or click here to book a time my calendar


Goucher College seeks to provide equal educational opportunities for qualified students with disabilities. This is consistent with our Community Principle of Inclusion, which states that we will acknowledge and embrace the unique gifts and differences of our community members. We are committed to compliance with Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), and other relevant state and federal legislation.

The Office of Accessibility Services (OAS) works with faculty, staff and students to provide appropriate accommodations so that students have an equal opportunity to participate inside the classroom and in college programs and activities.


To ensure the college is able to meet the needs of students with disabilities in a timely manner, we encourage you to contact OAS at any time during the admissions process and prior to your arrival at Goucher.

If you have questions about the accommodation process, please contact the director of accessibility services, Nancy Williams-Nettles, at access@goucher.edu.

The Title IX coordinator has been designated to coordinate the college’s efforts to comply the Americans with Disabilities Act and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, which prohibit discrimination on the basis of disability.

Title IX Coordinator
Goucher College
1021 Dulaney Valley Road
Baltimore, MD 21204
Phone: 410-337-6570


We are the Goucher Student Government, and we’re all about improving and enhancing the lives of students at Goucher. If you are a student at Goucher, you are a member of the Goucher Student Government. We advocate for student concerns, connect students with members of the faculty, staff, alumnae/i and administration, and create a healthy and vibrant campus culture. To do this, we depend on energetic and interested representatives, elected annually from the student body. We would love to hear your unique perspective and for you to be part of the things we do. Email us or get in touch with one of your representatives!

EMAIL:  gsg@goucher.edu


Goucher offers more than 30 student-run clubs to suit just about any interest, active religious communities, and boundless leadership opportunities through community service, student government, and co-curricular activities. Our students participate in well-established community service programs, undertake wide-ranging internships, and compete in 21 NCAA Division III sports and in national equestrian events.

One of the best ways to get to know people and get the most from your college experience is simply to jump in and engage your interests. At Goucher, you’ll find a lot of support, and, with plenty of things to do and countless ways to get involved, you’ll always be engaged.


Community-based learning is a way for students to actively connect their academic work with direct experience in the community. By combining hands-on work in the community with the academic framework provided by the curriculum, students gain a rich experience of social issues. Students learn about the workings of community; encounter differences related to race, class, and privilege; gain a deeper understanding about social justice; and are able to do work that is beneficial to others. They also gain a greater understanding of themselves.

Community-based learning emphasizes academic rigor, reflection, and developing ongoing community partnerships. All academic disciplines and divisions (humanities, social sciences, sciences, and the arts) can integrate community-based learning practices.

Goucher College’s Community-Based Learning Program offers opportunities in these areas.

  • Animal Welfare

  • Criminal Justice & Prison Education

  • Community Organizing

  • Empowering Ability

  • Environmental Justice

  • Food & Housing Security

  • K-12 Education & Youth Development

  • Immigrant & Refugee Programs

  • Neighborhood Development

  • Health and Wellness/Mindfulness

There are many ways to get involved with Community-Based Learning and social justice programs.

  • Become a part of one of Goucher’s weekly signature programs, including a unique off-campus Federal Work Study job;

  • Volunteer with a local organization and learn more about one-time and periodic service events with one of our many community partners;

  • Get involved with an activist or social justice student club, or volunteer through Athletics or Spiritual and Religious Life;

  • Apply to be on the Social Justice Committee, a body within Goucher Student Government;

  • Take a Community-Based Learning course;

  • Participate in a community-based internship;

  • Serve on the Social Justice and Activist Alliance; or

  • Apply to be a Student Leader for Civic Action, a student director for one of our weekly signature programs.

Our programs support organizations throughout Baltimore City and Baltimore County. These opportunities range from weekly and ongoing volunteer programs to credit-bearing Community-Based Learning courses, and also include the community-based programs lead by members of student clubs, athletic teams, and other campus groups. Goucher offers weekly volunteer programs that span from tutoring in Baltimore City schools to organic gardening on local farms.

Please contact Lindsay K. Johnson ‘05, M.Ed. ‘13, France-Merrick Director (410-337-6262, lijohnso@goucher.edu), if you have any questions about community-based opportunities or would like to know more about a federal work study position within the Community-Based Learning Program.


An internship is any opportunity to explore career interests, gain experience, build skills, and make connections in professional fields. They can be paid or unpaid, full-time or part-time, for academic credit or not, for a specific time period.  They are valuable experiences and crucial in preparing for your post-Goucher plans.  

  • Internship search:  We’ve pulled together sites that include industry-specific opportunities, diverse internship programs as well as general search sites. 

  • Internships for Academic Credit:  Students may choose to pursue academic credit for their internship experience. To register for an internship course, students must submit an Internship Learning Agreement (ILA). 

  • Goucher Intern Fellowship (GIF):  The CEO offers the GIF award to aid students in offsetting expenses for completing internships during the summer. 

  • Micro-internships:  The CEO partners with the Office of Alumnae/i Affairs to offer Micro-Internships, which are short-term, paid virtual projects hosted by Goucher alumni. 

  • International internships:  If you’re interested in pursuing an international internship, review the policies you’ll need to be aware of, and some suggested sites to begin your search for an international internship.

  • Employer Field Trips:  Return early to campus in January and spend two days visiting employers around the Baltimore area. Learn about internship opportunities available at our host sites, and build contacts to assist in your internship and career exploration.  



The Quindecim, the Independent Student Newspaper of Goucher College, is published by Goucher students once every two weeks during the academic year, except during vacation and exam periods. The Quindecim online publishes new content daily throughout the academic year. The publication was founded in 1913.


Goucher College’s student-run alternative online multimedia news source.


Verge is an undergraduate journal that is faculty- and student-nominated, and faculty- and student-advised. It collects the best of academic, research-based writing and more creative nonfiction work. The journal’s interdisciplinary approach emphasizes the links between different academic departments, as well as the links between the curiosities, inquiries, and achievements of individuals who might not otherwise know about one another’s work.


Goucher College Student Radio (GCSR) is student-run, online, streaming radio station.



Here at Goucher we’ve made environmental sustainability a critical component of campus operations, academics, volunteer opportunities, events programming, and our shared community principles. This commitment to sustainability began long before joining the American College and University Presidents’ Climate Commitment in 2007. We continue to work on deepening our integration of sustainability throughout the campus, including in our dining services, recycling, composting, energy conservation, transportation, and academic programs. Industry experts have taken notice: The Princeton Review named Goucher as a Top Green College for 2014 and 2015; CollegeProwler ranked us the most eco-friendly college in Maryland; and we got a Silver rating from the Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education (AASHE) Sustainability Tracking, Assessment, & Rating System (STARS) Program.

Goucher College cannot strive to be environmentally sustainable without the participation of its students, staff, and faculty.

In every facet of campus life-in residence halls, laundry rooms, classrooms, labs, studios, dining halls, stores, and at work-Goucher community members have a chance to make daily decisions supporting environmental initiatives.

Over the past few years, students have pushed Goucher toward sustainability by developing programs and projects to monitor and enhance the college’s recycling and composting programs. When not eating in the dining halls, campus members have access to CSA programs and nearby farmers markets. A Zipcar program is also available for transportation.  

Everyone is encouraged to educate themselves about environmental issues and activism by attending environmental events on and off campus. As a part of the liberal arts curriculum that deepens insight into and broadens student’ perspectives on the world, each student must fulfill an environmental sustainability learning requirement. There are various classes to fulfill the environmental sustainability requirement, and students are urged to get involved and learn more with volunteer opportunities and internships.

At Goucher, we know every action counts-no matter how big or small-and we encourage you to contact us with suggestions.



Physical Education and Athletics have been key components of the Goucher experience since the founding of the college. Together they complement Goucher’s commitment to developing a student’s intellectual growth and leadership skills. Students learn to test physical limits, develop responsibility, work together as a group, and understand the basis for establishing a balanced lifestyle.

The department encourages the development of vitality and health through the activity courses, where students take one course from a variety of choices offered through physical education. Athletics plays an important role in the student life of the campus. As competitive participants, students learn to draw strength and courage from within. The testing of mental and physical limits is integral to building positive self-esteem and important in the development of leadership skills. In addition to the Welsh Gymnasium and von Borries Swimming Pool, the Virginia and Alonzo Decker Jr. Sports and Recreation Center complex includes a cardio fitness center; a strength and conditioning center, dance studios, athletic training room, golf training center, locker rooms, and a multipurpose room. Outdoor facilities include two natural grass practice fields; twenty tennis courts; an indoor and outdoor riding ring; stables; a synthetic turf field with lights, an eight-lane synthetic surface track and stadium field, and five miles of wooded riding, jogging, and hiking trails that are used by the cross country team and many students on campus.

Varsity Sports Program

The intercollegiate athletics program offers 11 varsity sports for women and 9 varsity sports for men, as well as an equestrian team for both men and women. Goucher is a member of the Landmark Athletic Conference and is an NCAA Division III college. The Equestrian team competes in the Intercollegiate Horse Show Association (IHSA). 

Fall Sports

Men’s and women’s cross country, riding, soccer, and tennis, and women’s field hockey and volleyball

Winter Sports

Men’s and women’s basketball, riding, indoor track and field, swimming

Spring Sports

Men’s and women’s lacrosse, riding, tennis, outdoor track and field, golf

Equestrian Program

The Equestrian Program is part of the comprehensive physical education program and offers small, personalized riding classes for riders at the beginner through advanced levels. The program emphasizes a contemporary approach to hunt seat riding and equitation. Throughout the year, students participate in horse shows and riding clinics both on and off campus. Goucher is a member of Zone IV Region I of the Intercollegiate Horse Show Association, and competition is available to students on the varsity riding team. Goucher also offers and Equine Studies minor, as an academic component to the program as well as a new Equine-assisted Psychotherapy and Learning Program.  Goucher’s riding facilities include college-owned horses, 21 box stalls, a 150’ by 180’ sand ring, an indoor riding ring, a hunt course area, and fields and trails with cross-country jumps.

The equestrian program requires all riders to complete a height and weight form at the beginning of each semester so that they may be appropriately mounted.  Regretfully, the equestrian program cannot mount persons who fall outside the safe limits of the horse’s weight carrying capacity. The program will evaluate weight limits based on two principles developed in consultation with the program’s veterinarian:  First, the rider’s weight should not exceed 18% of the mount’s body weight.  This creates a weight limit of 180 pounds for a 1,000-pound horse, a weight limit of 216 pounds for a 1,200-pound horse and a weight limit of 252 pounds for a 1,400-pound horse.  Second, factors such as the length of the horse’s back in relationship to its height, cannon bone size, age, and soundness history may reduce the horse’s weight carrying capacity.  Thus, the 18% limit may be reduced based on these factors, after consultation with a program veterinarian.


Student Employment at Goucher College provides students an opportunity to be employed in a wide variety of roles across many different departments on campus. In addition to the financial benefits, on campus jobs help students develop both specific and transferable professional skills. Goucher Student Employment policies and procedures described below apply to all student employees. If you have questions about student employment at Goucher please email the CEO, career@goucher.edu or call us at 410-337-6191.


Office Hours: Open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
Contact: 410-337-6111
Social Media: Instagram (goucher_campussafety)

Even in a community as quiet as Goucher’s, it’s reassuring to know that the college has a full complement of measures in place to keep the campus safe and secure - and can respond quickly and effectively if a problem should arise. On duty 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and 365 days a year, the Office of Campus Safety works hard to provide security services that are as responsive as they are unintrusive, that emphasize the importance of community in preventing and responding to problems, and that devote as much time to reaching out to the community as to patrolling it.

The Goucher College Office of Campus Safety exists to support the educational mission of Goucher College. Its staff members are committed to providing high quality, community-oriented campus safety services that facilitate the provision of educational services to the students of the college. The office strives to protect the rights and safety of all members of the campus community and uses problem-solving strategies to address the security concerns of students, employees, and guests.

The Office of Campus Safety is located on the ground floor of Heubeck Hall. For more information, call 410-337-6112.


Goucher College is committed to maintaining a safe, healthy, and productive living and learning environment for its students, faculty, staff, and the greater college community. As community members, students share a responsibility to conduct themselves in ways that promote these community objectives and are expected to demonstrate respect and civility toward others. This Student Code of Conduct establishes standards of behavior and a disciplinary process to enforce those standards when necessary, which are consistent with the educational aims of the college.  The Student Code of Conduct is provided in its entirety at: https://www.goucher.edu/policies/student-code-of-conduct/.


Resources for parents and family of students are provided at: https://www.goucher.edu/parents/, including a Parents FAQ page and mailing list for news and events.  Questions can also be addressed through email to gopherfamily@goucher.edu.  The Coordinator for Student Affairs and Parent/Family Engagement can be reached at 410-337-6150.


The Office of New Student Programs employs a staff of current undergraduate student Goucher Guides who serve as your hosts on campus through the New Student Orientation program. The Goucher Guide staff is lead by three fantastic Lead Goucher Guides. Your journey to beginning your Goucher College experience starts with The New Student Roadmap. This checklist is your guide to the steps you will complete prior to your arrival on campus.You will receive information on when to move in from the Office of Residential Life as well as a list of what (and what not) to pack

All students, including commuting students are invited to attend the New Student Orientation. This very important program is your official welcome to Goucher College, introducing you to traditions, important people and places, as well as outlining requirements and showing you “the ropes” of coming to Goucher College. 

More information for new students can be found at: https://www.goucher.edu/become/new-students/.