Goucher College 2018-2019 Undergraduate Catalogue 
    Sep 24, 2021  
Goucher College 2018-2019 Undergraduate Catalogue PLEASE NOTE: This is an archived catalog. Programs are subject to change each academic year.

Mathematics Major

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PLEASE NOTE: This Goucher catalogue is specific to the 2018-2019 school year, and this program will no longer be accepting new students as of Fall 2019.

Placement Procedure

All incoming students are encouraged to complete a placement questionnaire to determine initial placement into a data analytics, mathematics or computer science course. Students who have previously studied calculus are invited to take a second exam to exempt from MA 172 . Students with AP credit in mathematics or computer science are also eligible to exempt introductory courses. Students who intend to major in mathematics should complete MA 214  in the first year. Computer science majors should complete CS 119  in their first year.

Honors in Mathematics and Computer Science

Majors in Mathematics and Computer Science are encouraged to strive for honors in the major upon graduation. Honors will be awarded to students who exhibit mastery of the subject in both course work and additional academic endeavors.

Requirements for honors in mathematics and in computer science:

1. A minimum grade point average of 3.60 in 200-level or above courses in the major. All courses (other than CS 290) specifically required for the major must be taken for a grade. No more than two approved courses away from Goucher will be counted in the average.

2. Some evidence of maturity and creativity in mathematics and/or computer science, such as outstanding work on a senior thesis, independent work, paper or final examination in a 300 level course.

3. Approval of the program.

Concentration in Mathematics with Secondary Education Certification in Mathematics

Students planning to teach mathematics in secondary schools after graduation should consult with the directors of the programs of Mathematics and Education as early as possible in their academic careers for certification requirements in education. For certification requirements, see description under Secondary Education Certification, Grades 7-12 .

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