Goucher College 2018-2019 Undergraduate Catalogue 
    Jul 21, 2024  
Goucher College 2018-2019 Undergraduate Catalogue PLEASE NOTE: This is an archived catalog. Programs are subject to change each academic year.

ARH 205 - Museums in the Modern Era (4 Cr.)

What is a museum? How does it work? Who are the people that make the magic happen? This course will examine the changing role of museums in contemporary society and the various challenges they face. It will also look at three of the major focuses of a museum: Collection Management, Conservation, and Exhibition. Finally, in the 21st century, Education and the Visitor Experience have become two more major areas of focus for all types of museums; how and why did that happen? Course includes one to two mandatory field trips to local museums. Additional visits to museums will be asked of the students in their own time. Open to all students pursuing a Major in Studio Art, Art History, and Historic Preservation or a Concentration in Arts Administration. Sophomore standing required and priority will go to seniors first.  Prerequisite courses are ART 102  or ARH 103  (formerly ART 103) or HP 210  (formerly HP 110) or BUS 170  depending on your course of study, or permission of the instructor. Fall semester. Instructor.