Goucher College 2015-2016 Undergraduate Catalogue 
    Mar 03, 2024  
Goucher College 2015-2016 Undergraduate Catalogue PLEASE NOTE: This is an archived catalog. Programs are subject to change each academic year.

HIS 208 - Modern Eastern Europe, 1772 to the Present (3 Cr.)

This course examines East European history from the first partition of Poland to the end of the Cold War and beyond. Focusing on Poland, the Habsburg empire, and the Balkans in the 19th century and the emergence of nation-states in those regions in the 20th, topics include political structures for those in power and those under foreign rule; regional identities between Russia and the West; social structures and cultural history; the urban history of capitals such as Prague, Warsaw, and Budapest; intellectuals and resistance movements; socialism, fascism, and liberalism; the world wars; the Cold War and the “Iron Curtain”; and postsocialist transitions since 1989. Prerequisite: HIS 217  (formerly HIS 117) or permission of instructor. Offered Fall 2011 and every two years. Corcoran.