Goucher College 2014-2015 Undergraduate Catalogue 
    Jul 09, 2020  
Goucher College 2014-2015 Undergraduate Catalogue PLEASE NOTE: This is an archived catalog. Programs are subject to change each academic year.

Administration and Staff



José Antonio Bowen, president (2014) B.A., M.A., M.A., Ph.D., Stanford University

Deborah Burton, administrative assistant (1998)

Lillian Johnson, executive assistant, president’s office (2011)

Lynne Lochte, vice president for new ventures and business strategies (2015) B.B.A., M.B.A., Loyola College

Emily Perl, assistant vice president for student success (1996) B.A., The College of Wooster; M.A., The Ohio State University; Ph.D., University of Maryland College Park

Barbara Rodgers, president’s household assistant (2014) B.A., Salisbury University

Barbara Stob, general counsel (2002) B.A., Calvin College; J.D., University of Chicago Law School

Marty Sweidel, senior vice president for strategic initiatives (2014) B.A., Maryville College; M.M., D.M.A., College-Conservatory of Music, University of Cincinnati


Carlton Surbeck III, director (1995) B.S., Juniata College; M.Ed., The Pennsylvania State University

Lynn Alonso, operations assistant/receptionist (2006) B.A., Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

Danielle Auerbach, admissions counselor (2014) B.A., Muhlenberg College

Cyndy Cowles, associate director of admissions/coordinator of enrollment management operations (2009) B.A., Lawrence University

Anne Des Marais, operations assistant (2000) B.S., Immaculata University; R.D., Beth Israel Hospital

Brandi Ferrebee, admissions counselor (2014) B.A., Oberlin College

Linda Fowler, operations assistant (2006)

Fernando Gomes, senior admissions counselor (2010) B.A., McDaniel College

Lisa Hill, senior associate director of admissions (1995) B.A., Randolph-Macons Women’s College

Paula Rosenberger, operations assistant (2001)

Carol Russell, receptionist (2010)

Kathryn Shaw, admissions counselor (2013) B.A., Goucher College

Nenelwa Tomi, admissions counselor (2012) B.A., Goucher College

Christopher Wild, admissions counselor (2012) B.S. & B.A., Mt. St. Mary’s University

Financial Aid

Stephanie Bender, director of financial aid (2013) B.S., Lebanon Valley College; M.B.A., University of Baltimore

Scott Farquhar, operations assistant (2013) A.A., Montgomery College, B.S., Towson University

Melodie Jackson, assistant director of financial aid (2010) B.S., York College of Pennsylvania

Lawrence Lawson, associate director of financial aid (2009) B.A., M.A., Binghamton University

Jennifer Ramina, assistant director of financial aid (2003) B.A., M.Ed., Goucher College

Barbara Smith, assistant director of financial aid (1992)


Allie Laban-Baker, vice president for communications (2011) B.A., State University of New York at Plattsburgh

Carol Crouse, administrative assistant (2004)

Graphic and Production Services

Robert Ferrell, II, graphic designer/video specialist (2013) B.A., Maryland Institute College of Art

William McGowan, reprographics coordinator (1995)

  Ayumi Yasuda, director of design and production services (2004) B.S., Towson University

Internal and External Communications

Kristen Pinheiro, senior director of communications (2005) B.A., Washington College; M.Ed., Goucher College

Angela Cochrun, communications specialist (2011) B.S., Central Michigan University

Christopher Landers, content manager/writer (2014) B.A., St. John’s College, M.A., University of Maryland

Marketing Communications

Stephanie Jayakanthan, director of marketing communications (2012) B.S., Oral Roberts University; M. Litt., University of St. Andrews.

Kathleen Michel, content manager/writer (2014) B.S., University of Kansas

Lisa O’Rourke, director of marketing communications, Welsh Center (2015) B.B.A., M.S., Central Michigan University

Website Development

John Perrelli, webmaster (2008) B.S., Towson State University

Matthew Kluga, web specialist (2015) B.S., University of Baltimore


Bill Leimbach, vice president for technology and planning (2002) B.S., Virginia Tech; M.B.A., Radford University

Administrative Computing

Robert Smith, director of administrative computing (2003) B.A., University of Maryland Baltimore County

Carolyn Barrett, programmer analyst (1996)

Daniele Bananto, senior programmer/analyst (2006) B.A., Goucher College

Gail Godwin, programmer/analyst (1993)

Cynthia Van Ells, senior web developer (2005) B.S., Villa Julie College

Tina White, project manager (1996) B.S., University of Maryland Baltimore County

Computing Services

Anthony Huckestein, Jr., computer support specialist (2013) B.A., Goucher College

Thomas Mentzel, senior systems administrator (1999) A.A., Essex Community College

Ross Shaffer, lab systems administrator (2010) B.A., Goucher College

Andrew Uchenick, apple technology support specialist (2013)

Institutional Research

Shuang Liu, director of institutional effectiveness (2014) B.A., Changchun Teacher’s College; M.S., College of Saint Rose

Center for Teaching, Learning and Techology

Frances White, director of center for teaching, learning and technology (2003) B.A., University of Richmond; M.L.I.S., Catholic University of America

Marina Blandino, help desk analyst (2013) B.A., Goucher College

Danielle Faulkner, help desk analyst (2013) B.A., Goucher College

Donna Lummis, assistant director of student technology support (2002) B.S., Towson University; M.A., University of Maryland, Baltimore County


Gregory Howard, director of networking and telecommunications (2013) B.S., University of Baltimore

Martin Hines, telecommunications technician (2009)


Marc Roy, provost (2007) B.A., Lawrence University; Ph.D., University of Wisconsin

Robert Blinkoff, director of the pocket anthropologist (2009) B.S., Union College; M.A., University of Kentucky; Ph.D., Rutgers University

Beth Chernichowski, director of sponsored research and corporate and foundation relations (1999) A.B., Mount Holyoke College; M.A., College of William and Mary

Margaret Ermer, special assistant for budget and operations (2014) B.S., Towson University

Gigi Greenfield, administrative assistant (1999)

Liat Melnick, program administrator of the Goucher prison education partnership (2014) B.A., Goucher College

Amy Roza, director of the Goucher prison education partnership (2012) B.A., Pomona College; M.A., Trinity College

Janet Shope, associate provost for faculty affairs (1989) B.S., Birmingham Southern College; M.Phil., Ph.D., George Washington University

Associate Provost for Undergraduate Studies

La Jerne Cornish, associate provost for undergraduate studies (1996) B.A., M.Ed., Goucher College; Ph.D., University of Maryland Baltimore County

Frona Brown, disabilities specialist and assistant professor of education (1986) B.A., Goucher College; M.L.A., M.Ed., Ed.D., The Johns Hopkins University

Linda Holloway, assistant to the associate provost (1992) B.A., Goucher College

Academic Center for Excellence

Uzma Sehr, director (2009) B.A., M.A., Islamabad College for Girls; M.Ed., Goucher College

Kay Beard, program coordinator (2009) B.S., Towson University

Gita Deane, academic coach (2003) B.A., Trinity College; M.Ed., Loyola College

Kathleen Hake, academic coach (2010) B.A., The University of Baltimore; M. Ed., University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

Nancy Hesselbein, academic coach (2012) B.S., Indiana University of Pennsylvania; M.S., Johns Hopkins University

Community-Based Learning

Cassia Freedland, director of community-based learning (2012) B.S., University of Minnesota; Ph.D., University of Wisconsin

Lindsay Johnson, associate director for community-based learning and community service (2005) B.A., Goucher College

Santa Wallace, operations assistant (1999) A.A., Essex Community College; B.A., Goucher College

Faculty Secretarial Group

Michelle Carroll, Hoffberger Science secretary (2012)

Frances Earle, Van Meter Hall secretary (2012) B.A., College of Notre Dame

Kathleen Gratz, music department coordinator (1994)

Gwen Probst, Hoffberger Science secretary (2012) B.A., St. Mary’s College

Rosalie Speargas, department coordinator for art and art history and theatre (1995)

Sara Thomson, dance department coordinator (1996)

Jamie Winter, office manager (1991)

Mary Zittle, Van Meter Hall secretary (2004)

International Studies

Eric Singer, associate provost for international studies (1986) B.A., Macalester College; M.A., University of Chicago; M.A., Ph.D., Ohio State University

Carol Donhauser, study abroad advisor (1999)

Phaedra Markakis, program assistant (2008) B.A., Goucher College; M.A.S, The Johns Hopkins University

Jennifer White, associate director of international studies (2012) A.B., Harvard College; M.A., International Christian University

Chelsea Wilson, international programs specialist (2014) B.A., Juniata College


Nancy Magnuson, college librarian (1987) B.A., M.L.S., University of Washington

Rebekah Cerame, reference librarian (2013) B.A., Hiram College; M.L.S., University of Maryland, College Park

Elizabeth DeCoster, user services librarian (2011) B.A., Mount Holyoke College; M.L.S., University of Maryland College Park

Margaret Dull, cataloging/metadata librarian (2012) B.A., Vassar College; M.A., Birkbeck, University of London; M.L.S., University of Washington

Pamela Flinton, associate librarian for research and user services (2013) B.S., University of Maryland, College Park; M.L.S., State University of New York at Albany

Deborah Harner, special collections and archives assistant (2015) B.A., M.A., Washington College

Sharon Hartmann, acquisitions coordinator (1990) B.A., Columbia Visual Arts College

James Huff, instruction librarian (2002) B.S., Michigan Technological University; M.A., Northern Illinois University; J.D., University of Iowa; M.A., University of Iowa

Randalynn Kennedy, assistant to the college librarian (2011) B.A., Elizabethtown College; M.A. Millersville University

Thomasin LaMay, periodicals coordinator (1985) B.A., Smith College; M.Litt., Oxford University; Ph.D., University of Michigan

Tom Minnema, circulation/weekend supervisor (2000) B.A., Michigan State University

Tara Olivero, curator of special collections and archives (2007) B.S., Virginia Commonwealth University; M.S., University of Texas at Austin

Kristen Shonborn, distance learning librarian (2013) B.A., Swarthmore College; M.L.I.S., University of Pittsburgh

Barbara Snead, associate librarian for collection services (2000) B.A., Oberlin College; M.L.S., Kent State University

Melissa Straw, director of conservation and preservation (2009) B.A., University of New Mexico; M.S., University of Texas at Austin

Kristen Welzenbach, digital systems and services librarian (2011) B.A., University of Mary Washington; M.A., M.L.S, University of Maryland College Park


Andrew Westfall, registrar (2010) B.A., Jacksonville University; M. Ed., University of San Diego

Genevieve Cole, associate registrar (2003) B.A., M.A., Towson University

Cynthia Evans, operations assistant (2007)

Elissa Zurbuchen, operations assistant (2007) B.A., University of Texas at Austin

Undergraduate Program

Art Department

Laura Amussen, director of exhibition and art collection (2007) B.S., Towson University; MFA, Maryland Institute College of Art

Sonja Sugerman, visual resources and art collection curator (2013) B.A., Barnard College; M.Phil, University of Glasgow; M.A.T., George Washington University

Chemistry Department

Hassan Rone, chemistry stockroom manager/chemical hygiene officer (2014) B.A., Bowdoin College

Dance Department (Pilates Studio)

Ashley Mulreaney, director of pilates (2009) B.A., Goucher College

Susan Hankinson, pilates instructor (2013)

Stephanie Lawson, pilates instructor (2006) B.A., Goucher College

Barbara Palmer, pilates instructor (2009)

Amanda Pugh, pilates instructor (2008) B.A., Goucher College

Elizabeth Purcell, pilates instructor (2014) B.A., Goucher College

Physics Department

Semyon Ginzburg, physics laboratory support staff (1994) B.S., State College of Education, Minsk, U.S.S.R

Theatre Arts Department

Kendra Shapanus, costume supervisor (2005) B.S., Towson University; M.F.A., Temple University

Mary Sykes, designer/technical director in theatre (2008) B.A., Muskingum College; M.F.A., Ohio University

Welch Center for Graduate and Professional Studies

Frederick H. Mauk, associate provost for graduate and professional studies (1983) B.A., California State University at Long Beach; M.A., Ph.D., Harvard University

Kathryn Aman, academic services administrator (2012) B.A., Franklin & Marshall College; M.A., University of South Carolina

Hanora Barron, admissions coordinator (2014) B.A., Goucher College

Linda Bruce, director of distance learning (2011) B.A., University of College Park; M.A., George Washington University

Tiffany Espinosa, assistant provost for graduate and professional studies (2010) B.S., University of Michigan; M.B.A., M.A., University of Colorado

Shirley Gray, senior assistant director of financial operations (1998) B.S., Southern Illinois University at Carbondale; M.Ed., Goucher College

Helen Jakobe, manager of accounting (1993) B.S., University of Kansas

Alice Miller, technology coordinator for distance learning (2007) B.S., M.Ed., Towson University; M.S., Johns Hopkins University

Samantha Saunders-Consroe, graduate students record administrator (2010) B.S., Western Carolina University

Graduate Distance-Learning Degree Programs

Ramona Baker, director of the Master of Arts in Arts Administration Program (2005) B.S., Wesleyan College; BFA, University of Texas, Austin; MFA, Florida State University

Wendy Osefo, director of the Master of Arts in Management (2012) B.A., Temple University; M.A., Johns Hopkins University

Leslie Rubinkowski, director of the Master of Fine Arts in Creative Nonfiction program (2013) B.A., California University of Pennsylvania; M.F.A., University of Pittsburgh

Michael Scott-Nelson, director of the Master of Arts and Master of Fine Arts in Digital Arts (2010) B.A., Kenyon College; M.S., The Peabody Institute of The Johns Hopkins University

Amy Skillman, director of Master of Arts in Cultural Sustainability (2011) B.A., St. Lawrence University; M.A., University of California

Richard Wagner, director of Master of Arts in Historic Preservation and lecturer (1993) B.Arch., University of Virginia; Ph.D., University of Edinburgh, Scotland

Thomas Walker, director of Master of Arts in Environmental Studies (2012) B.A., St. Lawrence University; M.A., Ph.D.,  Indiana University

Graduate Programs in Education

Phyllis Sunshine, director of graduate programs in education (1991) B.S., Towson University; M.Ed., The Johns Hopkins University; M.S., Ph.D., Pennsylvania State University

Linda Blackman, director of the Master of Arts in Teaching program (2005) B.A., State University of New York; M.S., University of Maryland

Gaye Brown, director of the Master of Education program (1994) B.A., Smith College; M.A.T., University of Massachusetts

Shelley Johnson, director of Teachers’ Institute program (2010) B.S., University of Maryland, College Park; M.S., The Johns Hopkins University

Post-Baccalaureate Premedical Program

Betsy Merideth, director (2003) A.B., Bryn Mawr College; M.A., University of Toronto; M. Div., Harvard University

Theresa Reifsnider, operations assistant (1993)

Toni Roth St. John, assistant director (2010) B.A., University of Pennsylvania; J.D., University of Maryland School of Law

Erin Lanzo, teaching assistant (2014) B.A., M.A., University of Virginia

Vice President and Dean of Students

Bryan Coker, vice president and dean of students (2013) B.A., Rhodes College; M.Ed., University of South Carolina; Ph.D., University of Tennessee

Bonnie Fishpaw, administrative assistant (1982) B.A., Goucher College

Mary Tandia, educational opportunity program coordinator (2009) B.S., Troy State University; M.A., New Mexico State University

Andrew Wu, associate dean of students for student development (2013) B.A., M.S., McDaniel College; M.B.A. St. Mary’s University School of Business

Career Development

Traci Martin, director of career development (1999) B.A., Knox College; M.A., University of Maryland, College Park

Meredith Johnson, assistant director of career development for external relations (2012) B.S., Presbyterian College; M.S., Loyola College

Casey Miller, associate director for alumnae/i career programming (2013) B.A., M.A., University Maryland Baltimore County

Danielle Pellegrini, assistant director of career development for internships (2012) B.S., Towson University; M.S. McDaniel College

Susan Sala, program assistant (2003)


Cynthia Terry, chaplain and director of religious and spiritual life (2005) B.S., James Madison University; M.Div., Yale Divinity School

Community Life

Stacy Cooper Patterson, associate dean of students for community life (2001) B.A., Ohio University; M.A., Western Michigan University

Residential Life

Lindy Bobbitt, assistant director of residential life (2013) B.S., M.A., Bowling Green State University

Lee Gerstein, operations assistant (2014) B.A., Goucher College

Anthony Leva, residential life coordinator (2013) B.S., Kutztown University; M.A., Rowan University

Kristin Weinstein, residential life coordinator (2014) B.A., William Patterson University

Student Engagement

Kathleen Hemelt, administrative and program associate (2002)

Lindsay Johnson, associate director for community-based learning and community service (2005) B.A., Goucher College

Christine Krieger, associate director of student engagement for programming (2010) B.A., McDaniel College; M.A., Sarah Lawrence College

Aisha Rivers, assistant director of student engagement (2011) B.A., Hobart and William Smith Colleges; M.S., Texas A & M University

Santa Wallace, secretary (1999) A.A., Essex Community College; B.A., Goucher College

Equestrian Program

Jennifer Bunty, director of the Equestrian Program (2007) B.A., Lynchburg College

Ann Donovan, equine manager/instructor (2012) B.S., Delaware Valley College

Brittany Martin, assistant director of the equestrian program (2013) B.A., Goucher College

Emily Meagher, stable manager/instructor (2014) B.S., Delaware Valley College

Alison Schunk, stable assistant (2007) B.S., Towson University

Cora Woods, stable assistant (2012)

Multicultural Student Service

Karen Sykes, international student advisor (2013) B.S, Nebraska Wesleyan University; M.Ed., University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

Physical Education and Athletics

Geoff Miller, director of physical education and athletics (1994) B.A., Amherst College; M.S., University of Massachusetts

Sally Baum, associate director of physical education, head women’s tennis coach (1979) B.S., M.Ed., Slippery Rock State College

John Caslin, head men’s and women’s cross country and track coach (1994) B.A., College of Notre Dame of Maryland

Brian Kelly, head men’s lacrosse coach (2012) B.A., Johns Hopkins University

Brendan Kincaid, head men’s tennis coach (2012) B.A., Salisbury University

Tatiana Korba, head women’s soccer coach (2005) B.A., Hobart and William Smith College

Bryan Laut, head coach, men’s soccer & coordinator of academic support services (2010) B.A., Assumption College

Ceri Miller, head women’s lacrosse coach (2013) B.A., M.S., McDaniel College

Jean Perez, head athletic trainer (2007) B.S., James Madison University; M.S., West Virginia University

Michael Sanders, sports information director (2000) B.A., The Pennsylvania State University

Tina Scully, assistant athletic trainer (2013) B.A., Edinboro University; B.S., University of Pittsburgh; M.S., West Virginia University

Thomas Till, assistant athletic director, aquatics director, head swim coach (1998) B.S., Trenton State College; M.Ed., The College of New Jersey

Leonard Trevino, associate director of athletics, head men’s basketball coach (1990) B.S., Texas Tech University; M.A., University of South Dakota

Kelli Wilkinson, head women’s volleyball coach (2014) B.S., Towson University; M.Ed., Goucher College

Megan Williams, head field hockey coach (2011) B.A., Bryn Mawr College; M.S., Ohio University

Nina Zacharias, operations manager (1992)

Student Health and Counseling Services

Jeannette Hadfield, director of student health and counseling services (2005) B.S., George Washington University

Tammi Dawn Davis, physician (2002) B.A., Temple University; M.D., University of Pennsylvania, School of Medicine

Raymond Green, assistant director of student health and  counseling services for student counseling services(2004) B.A., Morgan State University; M.A., Bowie State University

Lauren Greenberg, mental health counselor (2014) B.S., Towson University; M.S., Loyola University Maryland

Mary Hammen, receptionist/medical secretary (2012)

Roshelle Kades, assistant director for student outreach (2010) B.A., Goucher College

Eileen May, nurse practitioner (2014) B.S.N., C.N.F.P., Georgetown University

Margaret Melfa, nurse practitioner (2014) B.S.N., C.R.N.P., University of Maryland, School of Nursing

Monica Neel, psychologist (2010) B.S., James Madison University; Psy.D, Loyola College

Nicole Popoli, office manager (2003) A.A., Villa Julie College

Linda Ryan, assistant director of student health and counseling services for student health services (2007) B.A. Colby College; M.S.N., R.N., Yale University

Brian Siegel, psychiatrist (2005) B.S., Duke University; M.D., University of Maryland School of Medicine

Christine Snyder, counselor (2012) D.E.C., John Abbott College; B.C.L., L.L.B., McGill University; M.A., University of Connecticut; LCMFT


Margaret-Ann Radford-Wedemeyer, vice president for development and alumnae/i affairs (2007) B.A., Texas Women’s University; M.A., Hood College

Denise Raspa, administrative assistant (2010)

Erica Rimlinger, major gift officer/director of the parent program (2014) B.A., University of Rochester; M.A., University of Maryland

Alumnae/i Resources

Holly Selby, executive director of alumnae/i engagement (2007) B.A., University of Virginia; M.A., University of Missouri-Columbia

Amy Eddy, associate director for alumnae/i and programming (2009) B.A., Loyola College of Maryland; M.A.., Goucher College

John Paul Javier-Wong, director of alumnae/i affairs (2015) B.B.A., James Madison University; M.Ed., University of Georgia

Chelsea Montero, assistant to the executive director of alumnae/i engagement (2014)

Annual Giving/Donor Relations

Amy Bloomberg, director of annual giving and donor relations (2006) B.A., Washington College

Amanda Beard, assistant director of donor relations (2006) B.S., Villa Julie College

Greg Permison, assistant director of annual giving for athletics and young alumnae/i (2011) B.S., Salisbury University

Martha Robison, assistant director for annual giving for the Goucher Society (2013) B.S., Texas Tech University; M.Ed., Wayland Baptist University.

Alison Schiller, development coordinator (2014) B.A., University of Maryland Baltimore County

Advancement Services

Harry Bielas, director of advancement services (2007)

Julian Benn, reporting analyst (2013) B.S., Winthrop University

Samantha Kelly, manager of research services (2013) B.A., Towson University

Peggy Larsen, assistant director of advancement services for data coordination (2007) B.S., M.S., Hood College

Dawn Luciano, senior analyst for alumnae/i and development applications (1996)

Frances Smith, advancement services coordinator (2011) B.A., Trinity College

Arlene Stein, gift accounting analyst (2007) A.A., Catonsville Community College

Leslie Thrift, advancement production specialist (2012)

Major Gifts and Planning

Adam Siegel, director of development (2012) B.A., Tufts University

Susan Cohen, assistant director for planned giving (2011) B.S., University of Maryland, College Park

Sylvia Hesson, major gift officer (1995) B.A., Washington College

Karen Lyon, major gift officer (2007) B.A., Goucher College; MBA, Loyola College


Tammi Jackson, vice president for finance and administration (2015) B.S., University of Connecticut; M.B.A., Sacred Heart University; J.D., University of Maryland School of Law; D.Ed., University of Pennsylvania

Cory Waller, administrative assistant to the vice president for finance and administration (2015)

Business and Auxiliary Services

Calvin Gladden, II, director of business and auxiliary services (1998)

Maia Maclin, supervisor of post office (2013)

Elizabeth Winterstein, operations assistant (1995)

Controller’s Office

Alex Antkowiak, controller (2005) B.S., Villa Julie College

Janel Hassell, senior accountant (2005) B.S., University of Maryland

Lisa Loeffler, accounts payable and budget supervisor (1995) B.A., Goucher College

Denise Thompson, accounts payable clerk (2014)

Noel Ward, assistant controller (2005)

Elizabeth Winterstein, operations assistant (1995)

Events, Conferences, and Summer Programs

Dorothy Labe, director of events, scheduling, and facility rentals (2014) B.A., Hobart and William Smith Colleges

Daniel Chase, audio and lighting technician (2012) B.M., Capital University

Angela McDonald, senior associate director of events, conferences and summer programs (2010) B.A.; M.Ed., Goucher College

Facilities Management

Matthew Altobelli, senior HVAC technician (2009)

Linda Barone, project manager (1996) B.A., University of Detroit School of Architecture

Margaret Gale, supervisor of custodial services (1989)

Ron Merritt, electrical maintenance engineer (2003)

Robin Milburn, work management coordinator (1998)

Vernon Morris, HVAC technician (2010)

David Myers, associate director of facilities management services and custodial services (1993)

Therese Neal, associate director of operations and budget (1998)

Berk PerDieu, project coordinator (1994)

Robert Ray, assistant supervisor of custodial services (2014)

Jettey Walker, assistant supervisor of custodial services (2014)

Lucy Wurzbacher, financial operations administrator (1999)

Timothy Zick, horticulture specialist (1992) B.S., University of Maryland, College of Agriculture, College Park


Public Safety

Richard Puller, director of public safety (2013) B.S., Towson University; M.L.A., Johns Hopkins University

Tony Brown, manager of the access card system/supervisor (1996)

Rebecca Dietrich, senior associate director of public safety (1980)

Vera Jenkins, manager of the campus welcome center (1988)

Student Billing

Jeanne Strickler, bursar (1994) B.A., University of Maryland at Baltimore County

Julia Felscher, operations assistant (2011) B.A., Goucher College

Kathy Huckestein, assistant bursar (2005)

Margaret Rodgers, graduate billing assistant (2003) B.A., Boston University; M.B.A., Loyola College

Deborah Zink, operations assistant (2012) B.S., Towson University

Human Resources

Deborah Lupton, vice president for human resources (2000) B.A., State University of New York, College of Geneseo

Susan Bohn, associate director of human resources (2014) B.S., University of Maryland University College

Demian Canosa, human resources generalist (2013) B.A., Ursinus College

Maggie Dye, human resources assistant (2012)

Maggie Elligson, director of human resources (2006) B.S., Pennsylvania State University; M.S., Johns Hopkins University

Mallory Kola, assistant director of human resources (2011) B.A., Goucher College


Jean Joyce, director of payroll (2011)

Title IX

Lucia Perfetti Clark, Title IX coordinator (2014) B.A., University of Connecticut; M.A., University at Albany; M.S., SUNY Cortland