Goucher College 2021-2022 Undergraduate Catalogue 
    Dec 01, 2023  
Goucher College 2021-2022 Undergraduate Catalogue PLEASE NOTE: This is an archived catalog. Programs are subject to change each academic year.

Communication Major

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In order for students to declare the major, they must have college writing proficiency and have earned a C+ in COM 105 “Introduction to Media and Communication Studies” or COM 232 “Writing for Film, Television, and Radio”.

All students must complete a total of 42 credits within the major

Requirements are as follows:


Majors have to take at least 15 credits at advanced levels. This can be done in two ways:

1. Three 400-level, 4 credit courses AND 3 credits of internship


2. Three 400-level, 4 credit courses AND 2 credits of internship and 1 credit of Capstone Project within the major.

Writing Proficiency in the Major

Students are required to take COM 232  and COM 262  and achieve a grade of B- or better in COM 262  to be granted writing proficiency in the major. To achieve writing proficiency, students are expected to master the ability to

  • write grammatically correct, syntactically sophisticated sentences and construct cohesive, effective paragraphs consistently and spontaneously;
  • research and integrate information from multiple sources; and
  • provide substantial and appropriate support for theses and propositions and demonstrate the correlating ability to develop and write well-reasoned arguments of merit in the field of communication studies.
  • Students who fail to obtain writing proficiency in the major twice, will be dropped from the major.

Qualifications Required to Graduate with Honors

Honors are decided by a vote of the full-time and half-time faculty just prior to Commencement each year. The following guidelines are used to determine honors:

  • Students must achieve a grade point average of at least 3.67 in all 200-, 300-, and 400-level courses taken in the major to be considered for honors.
  • No student will be considered for honors who has taken any 200-, 300-, or 400-level course for the major beyond the 100-level pass/no pass, except for those courses that can only be taken on a pass/no pass basis (internship and applied video).
  • Students must demonstrate via their course work or a senior thesis either (1) a superior grasp of communication and media studies theory, criticism, and/or history, or (2) creativity and substance in an applied skill.
  • Students must complete a variety of rigorous courses in the major and should take courses from many of the full-time faculty.


Multiple Failed Courses

It is the program’s policy that students majoring in communication must receive at least a C- in every course taken toward the completion of the major. Any student who receives a grade below C- in more than two courses will not be permitted to continue in the major.





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