Goucher College 2022-2023 Undergraduate Catalogue 
    Jul 20, 2024  
Goucher College 2022-2023 Undergraduate Catalogue PLEASE NOTE: This is an archived catalog. Programs are subject to change each academic year.

EC 203 - Economics of Inequality (2 Cr.)

This is a course dedicated to the study of inequality and poverty in the United States. In particular, we will examine how inequality and poverty are measured, consider the underlying causes of inequality/poverty, consequences of inequality/poverty and then consider how our views of these causes shape public policy. Inequality lies at the core of the national discussion on opportunity and equity. A key component of this course is to examine the complex policy issues that have arisen due to historic increases in income and wealth inequality-particularly as those inequalities have developed across race, ethnicity, gender, and social class. Prerequisite: EC 111 .  Variable semesters. Shepard.