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    Goucher College
  Nov 24, 2017
Goucher College 2017-2018 Undergraduate Catalogue

Philosophy Major

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Every philosophy major will be required to complete a minimum of 34 credits of coursework. This will be accomplished by completing a combination of 4-credit (15 week) or 2-credit (7week) courses, which satisfy the area requirements of the major (see below), plus one 2-credit capstone course. Students must also demonstrate proficiency in several skills that the department has deemed to be essential for professional advancement within the discipline and its related fields. Please note that courses may not be used to satisfy two or more requirements. Philosophy course credits earned through enrollment in an ICA study abroad course do not count toward the credits necessary to complete the major. They are taken in addition to the 34 credit requirement outlined above.

Students majoring in philosophy must successfully complete the following requirements (34 credits):

Electives (200 level)

2 elective courses at 200- or 300- level. (one 100-level philosophy course - except for Logic - may replace a 200- level elective. However, only one 100-level course - in addition to logic - may be used to satisfy any of the degree requirements.

History Sequence (300-level) (3 courses, 12 credits)

Take both of the following 2 courses:

Take 1 of the following 2 courses:

Electives (400 level)

2 elective courses at the 400- level.

Honors in the Major

The philosophy program has established the following requirements for honors within the major:


1. A minimum GPA of 3.75 in philosophy

2. A minimum GPA of 3.50 overall

3. The production of an exceptionally high quality philosophical paper (this is typically fulfilled by a senior thesis).


Writing Proficiency Requirement for Philosophy Major

Each student is required to produce a substantial amount of writing throughout her/his years as a philosophy major. We recognize, however, that not all course papers rise to the level of excellence. Consequently, we require that each student demonstrate that this excellence has been achieved either:

  • by having a paper published, for instance, in an undergraduate journal, in a campus essay magazine, or in another peer-reviewed forum,
  • by enrolling in a philosophy course that incorporates a revision process for the final essay (ideally this would include a peer-to-peer workshop component as well),
  • by writing a senior thesis, or
  • by assembling a senior-year writing portfolio that will include three of the student’s best papers written on a philosophical topic during his or her years at Goucher. This portfolio will be submitted for review to the student’s adviser no later than March 1 of the senior year (or October 1, in the case of a December graduation).

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