Goucher College 2017-2018 Undergraduate Catalogue 
    Mar 18, 2018  
Goucher College 2017-2018 Undergraduate Catalogue

Special Education Major that leads to Maryland certification, Grades 1-8

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The Education program offers a major in special education. This program has been approved by the Maryland State Department of Education. A student who fulfills the standards of the program is recommended for elementary/middle special education certification (Grades 1-8) in Maryland. Although graduation usually occurs within eight semesters, satisfactory completion of certification requirements may require one or more additional semesters. Students who would like certification outside Maryland should contact the department of education of the state of their choice regarding reciprocity and that state’s requirements. Maryland law prohibits anyone who has been convicted of a crime of violence or a crime against children from being certified to teach. Students enrolled in education courses may be required to be fingerprinted for fieldwork internship placements.


  • Many special education courses are offered only in alternate years, so this program requires careful planning. Students should consult with the director of the special education program as early as possible.
  • ED 410 , ED 322 , and SPE 329  fulfill the writing proficiency in the major requirement.
  • ED 322  is a prerequisite for ED 341  and SPE 450  and must be taken in the junior year.
  • Successful completion of Praxis Core or Maryland State Department of Education (MSDE) qualifying scores on the SAT, ACT, or GRE general test is a prerequisite for SPE 450 .
  • A minimum grade of B- in SPE 450  and satisfactory completion of Praxis II is required to complete the certification program.

Courses required in other academic areas:

  • English composition
  • Literature
  • Art or music (totaling 3 or more credits)
  • History
  • Social science (one course taken in one of the following programs: Sociology and Anthropology; Political Science and International Relations; Economics; Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies)
  • One natural science with a lab other than psychology
  • Two additional natural science courses (need not include a lab, one of which may include psychology)
  • Math (three courses if placed at the L level: MA 110 , MA 113 , and a DA-foundational course; students placing at the M level must complete a DA-foundational course; students placing at the H or H+ level must fulfill the college DA requirement)
  • A course in a non-Western culture (may simultaneously meet one of the above requirements)

Notes Regarding Additional Certifications Majors:

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