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    Goucher College
  Sep 24, 2017
Goucher College 2017-2018 Undergraduate Catalogue

Biological Sciences Major

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The Biology major consists of at least 38 biology credits.

Advanced Labs

Two courses (eight credits) with advanced labs are required with at least one course selected from each of Group I and Group II:

Additional Credits

An additional nine credits are required. 

One additional course (four credits) of any 300-level Biology course, or BIO 261 , BIO 490Y , CHE 341 , or CHE 345 .

Four credits of seminar including: BIO 456 , BIO 474 , BIO 482 , BIO 484 , BIO 487 .

One credit Capstone Experience (BIO 497 ) must be taken the fall of senior year.

Supporting coursework, CHE 230  and MA 268  or MA 172 , are required.


To count any course toward the major, students must receive a grade of at least a “C-“. Laboratory proficiency and writing proficiency in the major are required. Laboratory reports and papers in BIO 224  and BIO 340  are used to evaluate writing proficiency in the major. Laboratory proficiency is determined in BIO 224 .

Concentration in Dance Science

This concentration focuses on knowledge and technique in the new field of dance science. Study of the sciences is combined with technical and theoretical dance training to provide a basis for understanding problems in dance performance, nutrition, and care and prevention of injuries. With additional course work, this concentration provides preparation for graduate studies in physical therapy, sports medicine, dance medicine, and related fields. (See the director of premedical studies for specific requirements.) In addition to fulfilling all requirements for a major in the biological sciences, requirements for a concentration in dance science are:

Concentration in Secondary Education with Certification in Biological Sciences

Students planning to teach biology in secondary schools must major in biology and complete the required education courses. See the teaching certification requirements under secondary education certification requirements in the Education program.

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