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    Goucher College
  Sep 26, 2017
Goucher College 2012-2013 Undergraduate Catalogue [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Physical Education Program

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One activity course in physical education is required for all students who wish to graduate. Students who successfully compete on a varsity team or complete a dance performance through the Dance Department may use that participation to satisfy the activity requirement. Successful completion of one course from a specific list of dance courses or a riding course will also satisfy the activity requirement. Goucher does not recognize unsupervised activity as a substitute for coursework in physical education. The numbering of physical education courses does not indicate the level of skill required. Courses are free unless otherwise described in the semester course listing.

The physical education requirement for transfers is the same for those students who begin their college experience at Goucher. A student who transfers to Goucher must take one activity course. Students with a physical education credit on an official transcript from another college may be able to satisfy Goucher’s physical education requirement. Students must petition SAS for this type of exemption. Documentation to support the petition and transcript could include a course syllabus, catalogue description, or certification document.

Students who have a gap of five years or more in their education, or who are older than the age of 25, are exempt from the physical education requirement but are encouraged to enroll in or audit any physical education course.

Physical Education Courses

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